Payrolling and administration of workers is our primary service. Salary calculation model is used to follow up employees, their data, categorize type of work and manage time sheets.

Particular attention in this model is given to the flexibility of calculation model creation and to the long-term monitoring of changes in employee's statuses.

In this way, Client's budget wages are resized resulting in the pro capite increase at the end of the year and the Client has the possibility to employ new people over the head count.

All administration work is managed by the Agency. We take care of Work contracts, termination of employment, registration of employees, payrolling and administration and the Agency, as the employer, is responsible for all regulations prescribed by Labour Law.

Agency workers are covered by Occupational Accident Insurance and Liability Insurance.


  • increase of business activities (introduction of new products, unexpected increase of orders…)
  • seasonal demand for new workers
  • probationary period for new employees
  • workers needed for projects with defined timeline
  • replacement of temporarily absent workers (sick leave, maternity leave, vacations)
  • employment of highly specialized experts for a limited period of time
  • employment prohibition during a certain period of time
  • if your company has limited yearly wage budget


  • the worker is legally employed
  • workers are employed by our Agency but at the same time they work for Your company
  • optimum number of employees
  • more time for main business activities
  • better management and control of expenses
  • respect of legal obligations for workers
  • statistically, Client reduces the number of its employees
  • short-term and long-term savings

Shortcut to success.

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